Community Seminars

Bountiful City Emergency Preparedness Council has sponsored a number of emergency preparedness seminars. Topics have included: Water Storage, Fire Prevention, Alternate Heating and Ms. America, Julie Harman speaking on Self- Reliance. These free seminars are for anyone in the community and are held throughout the year at South Davis Junior High School. For information about future seminars, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and of course our website.

Flyers from past seminars:
* 2017 Keeping your emergency food supply fresh!
* 2017 Streamline your preparedness – Walk, Drive Away or Stay Home
Handout full of information!
* 2016 Winter Weather Preparedness
* 2016 Davis County Fair
* 2016 Ms. America speaking about Preparedness
* 2015 Preparing for an Electrical Outage
* 2015 Wildfire Preparedness
* 2015 Water Storage