About Us

The Bountiful City Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Council is an organization of citizen volunteers working under the organization of the Bountiful City Emergency Manager, currently Bountiful Police Lieutenant Dave Edwards. The city is geographically broken up into individual districts which have leadership consisting of district leaders, district emergency coordinators and district emergency communicators organized along the divisions of the predominant religion in the area, the LDS church. This small group of 8 citizen volunteers in the council, the city emergency manager and other ecclesiastical leaders combine with these local leaders in the twelve Bountiful preparedness districts to comprise the greater Bountiful Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Committee. This committee is the leadership for the Bountiful City volunteer emergency preparedness response, and is responsible for preparing the citizens of Bountiful for any disaster, emergency or unexpected event.

The Bountiful City Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Council also sponsors individual preparedness seminars on various preparedness related subjects during the course of the year, as well as sponsor a preparedness fair every two years. We also train city residents in CERT, the Community Emergency Response Team, which prepares individuals to respond to emergencies and disasters in the community.